Experience all 3 Types of Mangroves at Jungle Erv’s

By Jungle Erv March 11, 2019

Mangrove tree roots reflected in the water of the Florida Everglades on an airboat ride

Curious about mangrove trees? They’re one of the Florida Everglades’ most visible–and interesting–hallmarks, and you’ll get to see three distinct types on a tour of Jungle Erv’s boardwalk. Mangroves aren’t a botanical category of their own; the term “mangrove” just refers to trees that can handle growing in the somewhat salty water and the harsh conditions of coastal regions. Here’s a rundown on the three types of mangroves you’ll see.

1. Red Mangroves

The technical term for these trees is rhizophora mangle, and you can spot them by looking for tall, stilt-like roots sticking out of the water. They have a ruddy, reddish tint, which is brighter and more obvious when the bark is peeled away. These are among the most common mangrove trees. They grow all over the Everglades, as well as in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

2. Black Mangroves

Black mangroves (avicennia germinans) look more like a “traditional” tree, without the spidery roots that make red mangroves so unique. These trees have thick, smooth evergreen leaves. They can be found all over the Everglades, off the Gulf of Mexico, tropical central America, and even Africa. You’ll see them on a swamp tour and along Jungle Erv’s boardwalk.

3. White Mangroves

White mangroves (laguncularia racemosa) thrive in tidal waters, which makes the Everglades a natural place for them. You can spot them by looking for their uniquely-shaped leaves and pod-like fruits. These trees release a great deal of “leaf litter” every year. This is vital for the life of the fish and crustaceans that live in the same waterways. According to some sources, white mangroves are essential for the survival of 75% of the game fish and 90% of the commercial fish that live in the Everglades and other areas of Southern Florida.

Mangrove trees’ robust root systems help curtail erosion, lending stability to the land, oxygenating the water, and forming a crucial part of the ecosystem that’s home to the aquatic life below the surface. Want to learn more? An airboat tour or boardwalk excursion is a perfect way to get up-close and personal with these unique residents of the Everglades (as well as some non-tree residents that the area is known for). We think Jungle Erv’s offers the best Everglades tour out there. You’ll have to try one of our tours and see what you think for yourself!

Contact us to book your airboat tour tickets today, and you’ll also get to take in an alligator show, take your time exploring Jungle Erv’s boardwalk, and learn more about the Everglades from our experienced guides.


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