4 Thrilling Adventures You HAVE to Try This Summer

By Ed July 8, 2019

Family walks on a boardwalk through the trees on a Florida Everglades tour

Are you and your family ready to kick summer 2019 into high gear? If you’re the type of family that seeks out thrills and chills over diners and drives, then buckle up and get ready for a summer you and your kids will never forget. Central Florida has some pretty awesome attractions for beginners, but this list isn’t for beginners; you’re all hardcore thrill seekers, so we had to kick it up a notch!
We’ve compiled all our favorite adventures in and around the Central Florida area to keep the excitement of the season going all summer long.

Erv’s Wilderness Airboat Tours

If you’ve never been a part of a heart-stopping airboat ride excursion through the Everglades, can you really consider yourself a true thrill seeker? Companies like Erv’s Wilderness Airboat Tours are known for their exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat adventure tours in and around the beautiful natural landscape of the Florida Everglades. At speeds of up to forty miles an hour, these awesome airboats glide seamlessly over the water’s surface and put you right into the heart of alligator territory. With every airboat tour ticket purchased, adventurers can also stay for the live alligator show on-site and get even closer to one of nature’s deadliest animals.

Discovery Cove’s ‘Swim with Sharks’ Experience

Are you the type of person that laughs in the face of danger? No, we aren’t asking hypothetically. Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida offers many unique experiences for visitors to the area; none more thrilling, though, than the ‘swim with sharks’ exhibit. After a brief lesson on shark behavior, visitors, believe it or not, are actually able to swim freely amongst dozens of species of sharks inside their deep-water aquarium!Only twelve participants are able to take part in the ‘swim with sharks’ experience at Discovery Cove daily, so we recommend booking your adventure well in advance.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Admit it. You’ve always wondered what it’d be like to jump out of a plane with only a parachute strapped to your back but you never had the guts to follow through. iFLY takes the freak-out portion out of skydiving with their indoor skydiving experience. No sketchy planes or failed-parachute woes here, the iFLY attraction is completely manmade and completely safe. Every flyer, both big and small, gets in-person instruction from skydiving experts – not to mention, they get outfitted with their very own flight suit!

Revolution Off Road

Revolution Off Road combines all your favorite things: mud, adrenaline, ATV’s and just a dash of danger. Built on over 240 acres of lush Florida landscape, the Revolution Off Road experience is a serious, one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re zipping dune buggies across endless dirt roads, perfecting your archery skills at the on-site training grounds or getting completely covered in mud – this is a good thing, trust us – in their crazy unique Mucky Duck vehicles, you’re going to LOVE the time you spend at Revolution Off Road. No two experiences are the same, so we recommend frequent trips.


A Letter From

Jungle Erv

Welcome to the
Florida Everglades!

I am Jungle Erv- son of the alligator man. My great-great-grandfather was a moonshiner and fisherman. My grandfather preached the Gospel to the Islanders. My mother traded deer meat with the Seminole Indians when she was a little girl. My father was the world famous alligator man. Why choose Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours? My grandchildren are 6th generation Gladesmen. Jungle Erv’s captains are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed. Get the BEST value with our FREE boardwalk and educational gator show. You do not need to sign a waiver to ride on Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours. Hope to see your smiling faces as we journey through the wild Everglades!