Jungle Erv's Boardwalk

A map of a boardwalk tour of the Florida Everglades

Open 10:00 am. To 4:00 pm.  May close without notice due to rain and maintenance.
Take a 10 minute walk through the mangrove forest on our wheelchair accessible boardwalk tour of the Florida Everglades. Built in 1984 by Jungle Erv and the Seminole Indians. When you make a reservation for an airboat ride with Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours, you may enjoy our Boardwalk for free!

Jungle Erv's

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A Letter From

Jungle Erv

Welcome to the
Florida Everglades!

I am Jungle Erv- son of the alligator man. My great-great-grandfather was a moonshiner and fisherman. My grandfather preached the Gospel to the Islanders. My mother traded deer meat with the Seminole Indians when she was a little girl. My father was the world famous alligator man. Why choose Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours? My grandchildren are 6th generation Gladesmen. Jungle Erv’s captains are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed. Get the BEST value with our FREE boardwalk and educational gator show. You do not need to sign a waiver to ride on Jungle Erv’s Airboat Tours. Hope to see your smiling faces as we journey through the wild Everglades!