An airboat tour view of mangrove tunnels in the Everglades

What to do in the Everglades

If you’re wondering what to do in the Everglades, it’s likely that you’ve never visited the area. Pretty much everyone who’s visited the Everglades knows there’s plenty to occupy your time regardless of whether you’re visiting the region for a few days or you’ve chosen to relocate here permanently.

Things to Do in the Everglades

Have you ever wanted to see the biggest mahogany tree living in the U.S.? If so, you’ll need to visit Florida’s tropical wetlands. Viewing the country’s largest mahogany is far from the only thing that there is to do in the Everglades. Here are some more things you can do whenever you visit the Florida Everglades.

Camp at Everglades National Park

In order to reach the park’s campground, you’ll drive through miles of natural habitats that range from sawgrass marshes to mangroves and much, much more. To get the most out of your drive, take your time and stop to enjoy the park’s hiking trails and observation points. When you finally reach the campgrounds, be prepared to have an outdoor experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

View Wildlife in the Everglades

Many kinds of animals call the Everglades home. From dolphins, whales, deer, raccoons and a nearly countless number of birds to threatened and endangered species, you can view wildlife you may not see anywhere else when you’re in the Everglades. Here is a list of some of the more commonly known threatened and endangered animals that inhabit the Everglades:

  • Florida panther
  • American crocodile
  • American alligator
  • West Indian manatee
  • Wood stork
  • Snail kite
Experience the Mangroves

Red, white and black in color, mangroves are truly a sight everyone should witness. Mangroves consist of shrubs and trees that typically live along shorelines in water that can be as much as 100 times saltier than ordinary plants can stand, although some mangroves grow on sand or coral rock. Mangroves often give the trees that tower above them the appearance they’re rising up out of the water. You’ll sometimes see wading birds and many other types of wildlife in mangroves.

Airboat Tours in the Everglades

Airboating has been a popular activity in the Everglades for area residents and tourists alike for generations of water, outdoor, animal and plant enthusiasts. An airboat tour is a fantastic, fun way to experience the Everglades that simply can’t be rivaled. People are drawn to airboating for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy it simply because of the speed involved. Others just can’t pass up the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see endangered animals. Still, others love the plant life and learning about the Everglades.

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