Restaurants in Everglades City Florida

By Ed May 1, 2019

Sandwiches available at airboat tours Collier Avenue location Everglades City Florida

The Everglades National Park is one of the top attractions of Florida and draws millions of visitors from across the country and the world. There are over 50 species of reptiles, 300 species of saltwater and fresh fishes, 40 species of mammals, 350 species of birds and more. Apart from wonderful flora and fauna to feast eyes on, the area has many restaurants that serve diversified cuisine. Find out about some of the best restaurants in Everglades City Florida where you can get the finest, freshest dishes.

Collier Avenue Food

If you want hearty home-style food, this is the best place to be in. You can also find wonderful dishes for fine dining. This restaurant serves local favorites as well as Mexican, Cuban and inexpensive Latin dishes. You can gorge on pumpkin bread, Indian fry bread and catfish.

Krispy Krunchy Chicken

For those who love chicken dishes, you can try this eatery. The place serves the best chicken cuisines and you would like the authentic and innovative chicken recipes that are served here. You can get unique menu at one of the premier destinations in Florida.

Alligator Nuggets

True to its name, you can find nuggets of alligator here. It is also possible to find other fresh local fares, such as Florida lobster, frogs’ legs and fishes. The place makes dining in the Everglades area more special for you. It is seasonally available during Everglades City airboat tours.

Stone Crab Claws

This is an amazing restaurant in Everglades City that is situated along the river and serves fresh seafood – often picked 1 – 2 hours from the water. Sustainable, succulent stone crab dishes are one of the main culinary attractions served here. This is an ultra-casual eatery which has a mostly rustic ambience, and frequently closes down in fall or late summer. It is open at other times. It is seasonally available during airboat tours in Everglades City.

Sub Sandwiches & Burgers

This is a nice sandwich shop where you can feast on burgers and sandwiches. When you go on airboat tours in the Everglades City, you can find many types of sandwich recipes to pick from and enjoy.

Other than these, the place has many eateries of different types, delightful cafes, fine dining restaurants and more. There are quite a few American Indian restaurants where you can many authentic dishes. There are also various barbecue spots to be found here and there.


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