Spring Weather in Florida – What to Expect

By Ed February 24, 2020

Boardwalk tour of the everglades

Whenever you are planning a vacation one of the most important things that you will check is the weather at the place when you arrive there. If you are going to reach the destination when it is heavily raining or if it is fully covered in snow, your vacation is bound to be a disaster. Today there are many ways you can check the weather. There are weather updates available on various applications on your mobile phones. But they will only give you the current weather or the weather for a few days ahead.

But considering that more people are vacationing now, you must reserve your rooms and flight tickets much earlier. This makes it essential that know the weather at the destination during different times of the year. The seasons at different places on the earth change greatly in different months. Even in the same country, they may be different for different regions. It is essential to know the right time to visit a place.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Florida?
April is the best month to visit Florida. That is the time when it is spring in the place and you can enjoy doing many things. Florida is a state with a lot of things one can do if you go in the right season. Spring is excellent in the place because the heat is bearable, the rains are almost absent and there is no fear or hurricanes that are quite common in the region.

The average temperature in spring here is around 72 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is very pleasant. The highest that it may reach is around 82 Degrees at noon, which is very low compared to many parts of the world. It is the late evenings that are most enjoyable during this season. The temperature goes down to an average of 60 Degrees. These are the best times for you to take an evening stroll.

Enjoy the Outdoors & Water During Spring
It is not just the temperature on land that is pleasant. The sea is at a good temperature for you to enjoy your swim. The water temperature at this time of the year averages at around 77 Degrees, which will make you not want to leave the waters. Enjoying the water & outdoors in Spring is a main attraction in Florida. Some of the best beaches& waterwaysin Florida are located on the Gulf Coast, and you can spend many hours enjoying the warm waters here.

There is hardly any rain in Spring. These are probably the driest months in Florida that allow you to indulge in many activities.


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