10 Fun Facts About the Florida Everglades

By Jungle Erv February 19, 2019

Florida mangrove airboat tour sunset

Visiting the Florida Everglades for the first time? Sink your teeth into these incredible Everglades fun facts.

1. Both alligators and crocodiles live here

The Florida Everglades is the only place in the world where gators and crocs live together.

2. There’s a lot of endangered wildlife

Thirteen endangered species and ten threatened species, to be exact. That’s why Jungle Erv is so careful and conscientious about his private, preserved land, and airboat tours help make continuing that preservation possible!

3. The Everglades is a huge source of water

The water in the Everglades actually provides drinking water for 7 million people–that’s one-third of all Floridians!

4. The Florida Everglades covers a lot of land

Exactly how much? 1.5 million acres, to be exact.

5. Many people think of the Everglades as a swamp

It’s actually a river–albeit a super-slow one. The water in the Everglades is always drifting along at a snail’s pace, and that slightly-moving water is a crucial component of the Everglades’ ecosystem.

6. The water is shallow

With an average depth of only 4-5 feet and a maximum depth of about 9 feet. That’s why airboats are the best way to tour the Florida Everglades waters: they have a practically flat bottom with no motor down in the water to disturb the sediment below or to become entangled with mangrove roots!

7. Most of the Florida Everglades is freshwater

It isn’t salt, as many assume. That’s why it’s such a refuge for a wide variety of wildlife.

8. The Everglades is classified as a subtropical wetland ecosystem

It’s the only one in North America.

9. There are really only two seasons here

A wet season and a dry season. The temperature only varies about 10 degrees between those two seasons, so you can expect that warm tropical weather no matter when you visit.

10. Mosquitoes are everywhere

And there are 68 different varieties of mosquitoes living in the Everglades. Thankfully, most of those varieties aren’t interested in humans; they’d rather suck the blood of an alligator or crocodile. It’s still probably a good idea to bring bug spray on your airboat rides.

Want to learn more about the Florida Everglades? Booking an airboat tour is the best way to do that. You’ll get to experience the area firsthand and talk to one of Jungle Erv’s incredibly friendly and knowledgeable guides about the history of the Everglade–and its future, as preservation efforts continue. We have something for all ages! Contact us today to book your tickets or to find out more!


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